With our tracking portal , you can count on reliable services to help expand your business globally. We provide service choices to manage your supplychian needs , plus a host of value-added benefits and savings.

With our tracking service, get connected to all the information and support you need to optimize your consignment and manage your account efficiently.

Step 1. Tracking

Are you a one-time customer?

Now tracking your consignment is just-a-click away.

You can track your consignment by SMS, Email and Web. Please have your tracking numbers available to track your consignment.

Step 2. Track through Mobile

Are you want ot track consignment by Sendeng SMS through Mobile?

Track your Consignment and Lorry through SMS. For Consignment, send CHETAK <space> CN <space> CN Number and for Lorry send CHETAK <space> LT <space> Lorry Number at 56161.* The message content is case sensitive. Please use Capital Letters only.

Step 3. Get a Chetak Account

Are you our regular customer?

Create an account and get the ease of accessing all your Consignment details under one roof. Setting up an account to track your Consignment is quick and easy - at no cost to you.

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